Scheduled maintenance on some of our LS1 & LS8 UK servers

Reason: Power maintenance in the Data Center

Maintenance Window:

Day and Date: Tuesday, 15th October 2017
Start Time: 20:30 IST
Duration: 3 hours

Affected Services:

All Applications hosted on the Mccoy LS , LS8 UK servers will be down. Also, if your Application uses one of the above-mentioned servers, your Application will be inaccessible during the maintenance.

Please feel free to contact our support helpdesk in case you have any queries.


Intermittent network issues while connecting to our servers

Dear Customer,

We are facing intermittent network issues while accessing the websites and mails hosted on our servers using Airtel ISP. Our Network team is already checking this issues as this seems to be specific to only AIRTEL ISP. We have not observed any alerts or data loss when we try to acess our servers from various GEO locations.

We have contacted Airtel concerning this issue to figure out if there is any issue from their end.

If you face issues while connecting to our servers, please get in touch with our Support help desk with the following results :-

1. Ping
2. Traceroute
3. ISP details (ISP Name and IP address). You can check your IP address by accessing the website ““.
4. Try accessing your websites using different ISP
5. Traceroute results for another website( in order to compare

These results will help us as well as Airtel ISP to narrow down the issue and find a fix for it.


Feel free to contact our support desk.

Mccoy partners with Tally, worlds leading computer company.

Mccoy Global Links Pvt Ltd and TALLY (India) Pvt. Ltd. the India sales & marketing arm of the Tally Solutions group, sign MOU for RFID enabled Tally Products, September 25th, 2017. As Tally’s Preferred RFID Partner, Mccoy will be providing the RFID enablement for the TallyShoper Retail POS(Point-Of-Sale) of India’s largest product software company. This targets the high-growth Retail industry. This will also be deployed in an upcoming industry RFID pilot. RFID is a data collection technology that provides suppliers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors with up-to-the-minute supply chain visibility, from inventory and logistics to freshness dates. RFID is powerful because it provides a unique identifying serial number to each and every item, unlike bar codes that typically have a unique number for a set of similar items. According t0, Tally Solutions “Tally’s alliance with Mccoy in RFID is a key element in our strategy to provide our customers RFID support in our products as part of RFID solutions for small, medium and large enterprises.

RFID is gaining momentum in a variety of sectors, especially in the Retail and Supply Chain, where we have a key focus with our TallyShoper and Tally Ascent products. We do believe with the combination of our leading products and Mccoy’s expertise in RFID, we offer an edge to address the requirements of our customers in this rapidly emerging segment.”, “This relationship of Mccoy RFID expertise and intellectual property and Tally’s leading products will together bring an exciting value proposition for customers in the Retail and Supply Chain industries.” He added, “Mccoy’s RFID technology will eventually help customers reduce supply chain costs while speeding the distribution process, ultimately providing customers with better product availability.”partners with Tally, worlds leading computer company.


” Mccoy’s Strategy.To become a capable provider of strategic research solutions for large enterprises & our Esteemed Customers”

Our vision: By continually delivering excellence, we inspire trust and loyalty in our customers.

With smart team work and partnerships we deliver cost competitive results with measurable impacts through excellence in delivery and expertise in software and project management.
High agility, low inertia and flat hierarchy lead to efficient project completion.
Our products and solutions are highly scalable and customizable to meet every need keeping in line with the basic theme
Mccoy team has a rich and diverse background and bring their varied experience to every project they work on.
Compliance to technology standards, business ground rules and Governmental rules & regulations are always on top of the agenda of team


Banking & Insurance

” Banking needs are more complex than others. Mccoy has 10 plus years of corporate experience and expert staff to design, implement and come up with Banking Products for small- and medium-sized Banks and nonprofit organizations. Through powerful cash-management tools, creative, specifically tailored lending solutions, or holistic asset-management strategies, Mccoy creates financial solutions to help you achieve your specific business goals.”

Mccoy ‘s Banking & Financial Services Team provides a broad range of transactional, regulatory, advisory, and dispute resolution solutions to banks, insurance companies and other financial services providers, their trade associations, and vendors

Mccoy also has few products to audit, compensation, and other committees, investors, outside directors and officers. We provide Custom Solutions to all types and sizes of banks, finance companies, and other regulated businesses in the financial sector regarding banking, corporate, securities, antitrust, and financial service provider laws and regulations, focusing on federal and state law.


” Customers are typically those that desire depth in telecom domain, high levels of service, cost efficiency through global delivery and flexibility. Our long standing client relationships with the leaders in the telecom industry gives us a strong and differentiated positioning as a leading global software services company serving the communications industry”

Mccoy offers various technology and domain specific solutions in area telecommunications industry , spanning from telecom operators, equipment providers, software providers, content providers as well as allied service providers.


“Our approach is to provide integrated business solutions that benefit the entire organization using a combination of IT & BPO solutions and our goal is to deliver significant business value to our clients.”

Mccoy offers services including Medical and Legal Transcription, Application Development, Program Management, Technical Customer Support, Network Server Management, Data-base Administration and infrastructure maintenance support in the area of Healthcare. Mccoy has Experts and have deep domain knowledge of healthcare industry and various IT solutions, and our team consists of a group of professionals with extensive experience with major Healthcare vendor products like MEDIPRO, HealthAssist in areas of product implementation, and integration.

Media & Entertainment

” Mccoy ’s experience and technology partnerships to provide a diverse range of value-added services offerings to help drive value and reduce cost for our Media clients. We develop and implement sustainable domestic and international applications that span numerous aspects of the media value chain including television, theatrical, broadcast, digital distribution, and home video.”

Media, Entertainment & Lifestyle industry is uniquely characterized by the growth of immense variety of infotainment delivery channels, each having different characteristics, market requirements and customer preferences. Over the years the need for technical solutions in this industry has changed in quality and quantity. With the progress of technology, Media and Entertainment industry has reached new horizons. Media conglomerates need technological solutions to cross-leverage their assets, enable innovative business processes and enhance the transparency of revenue streams.

Manufacturing & Retail

” At Mccoy , we strive to provide our manufacturing clients all the tools that help achieve more productivity. Our Solutions traverse procurement, production and sales boundaries to deliver across the enterprise, including finance, human resources, and costing.”

With choosy consumers, changing market trends, and globalizing market footprints, the Retail world is in a constant state of change. To succeed, retailers must be alert, in order to outfit the needs of culturally and demographically diverse populations.

With Mccoy ’s extensive experience in servicing the IT needs of all major retail format types, including grocery chains, discount stores, department stores, specialty retailers and Internet/catalog stores, we are well versed with requirements of the industry. We have adopted an integrated, business centric approach. We ensure that our clients are offered integrated services ranging from consulting, application development and maintenance.

Logistics & Transport

” Mccoy Manufacturing suite can help you get real-time foresight into events and supply chain disruptions, and give you the ability to dynamically orchestrate equipment, people, partners, and shipments to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.”

Supply chain providers are under pressure to maintain revenue, market share and shareholder value – all in the face of demand declines, new regulations, shorter product lifecycles, and increasing competition. It doesn’t help matters that today’s supply chains are complex, with information constantly streaming in from all directions. Without actionable insight or the ability to sense & respond immediately to the events that impact your business day in, day out, your business is operating with blinders on.

Amazon Simple Storage Service

Optimizing Costs for S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is one of the most popular Amazon Web Services (AWS) offering with flexible pricing. Just pay for the used storage space. Many bloggers, including Werner Vogels CTO of AWS, host their blog while paying less than couple of  dollar a month. On the other spectrum, companies such as Sumo Logic use S3 to store petabytes of data. From our experience of using S3 and other AWS services, we are convinced that for most enterprises, S3 is one of the top five biggest spends among all AWS offerings. In this article we will discuss different approaches for reducing Amazon S3 costs and improving your margin.

MongoDB Best Practices

As we focus more on MongoDB, we have assisted several customers with custom MongoDB environments. During this process we discovered a variety of potentially problematic settings. So, we wanted to take this opportunity to share Engine Yard’s best practices for MongoDB.

Cost Optimization with Microsoft Azure

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