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"Ever since I started using Mccoy Products, We found it to be even more useful than expected and it has the best applications required for a marketing & Strategic Sales Management."

State Farm Insurance

"This is basically the 3rd implementation we have done and it’s definitely been the smoothest .It has had the best transition, the most complete data and it’s the first time we’ve been able to get our reports without manual input"


"Mccoy has given us the flexibility and adaptability to support unique sets of business rules and structures for different verticals. We are able to connect with multiple verticals and application across multiple locations to exchange information, which has increased our effeciency ."


"I think the greatest area that Mccoy has helped us improve the client experience is that we’re able to be much more proactive. We’re able to plan much farther down the line and make sure that we’re in front of where others are, so that we can create solutions for them proactively instead of reactively."


"Mccoy have proven to be an extremely cost effective and professional resource and we see the company as our long-term technology partner"

General Motors

"Mccoy was adopted by our company much faster than I thought it would be. . . . It was just so easy to use, and it was so customizable, that we could make it fit our exact business model. We could incorporate our lingo and our processes and everything about our business into Mccoy and that made a huge difference in the adoption rate."


"Unparalleled delivery framework and customer support in terms of quality, promptness and timeliness."


"Excellent work done by Mccoy Global Links !! They were able to translate our requirements on specs and delivered a quality product On-Time."

Goldman Sachs

"I want to express my gratitude to the entire team at their diligence and persistence in getting this release out to our customers. It's your teamwork that shows again and again the pride you have in the product and commitment to the field. "